Monday, August 5, 2013

A Budget Friendly, Beautiful August Weekend

James and I are trying to budget our money a little better since we are hoping to buy a house before baby Becker number two comes into the equation.  This rules out a lot of forms of weekend entertainment options but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time with some fabulous people!

On Friday night James and I found out that Allison was back in town so Whitney and Allison joined us and we went downtown in hopes of attending the Blues Fest.  The weather was absolutely perfect but by the time we had walked through downtown, had dinner at the Banks and walked to Sawyer Point, it was already past our bed time :-)  So instead we just listened to one of the bands as we watched all the boats gather on the river in preparation for the fireworks.  Then we headed back to the Banks where they have a play area for kids.  Water squirts up and they light the water with flashes of light in timed sequences.  We watched a family (mom, dad and toddler) come up the path to the fountains.  Their little boy escaped their grasp and made a beeline for the water.  We all cracked up as the innocent little boy got a surprise burst of water to the face.  He enjoyed it after the shock wore off.

I love Cincinnati!   

Hudson was sound asleep at this point.

On Saturday James, Hudson, Achilles and I went to Winton Woods with Max, Tara, Lil, Hatchi, Emily and Rosie.  Hayden was technically there too.  :-)  We were quite the sight as we strolled down the trail with two men, three women, two strollers, an American Bulldog, an Akita and a Pit Bull.  Afterwards we enjoyed Icee Floats, which were amazing!  Then we watched Lil and Hudson in this priceless encounter (shown below).

It began with a nice introduction...

A little friendly hand holding...

Lil gave Hudson some little kisses...

Hudson is now afraid of the ladies...they are a bit overwhelming.

Lil just wants to be friends...

Lil decides to give it another go but ends up with a mouth full of eyeball.

Nailed it.  So sweet.

On Saturday we spent a beautiful afternoon with James' family in Springfield.  Afterwards we went to Young's Jersey Dairy for some ice cream.

You don't know the power of the dark side.

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