Monday, May 7, 2012

Adventure In A Parking Lot

These past few days have been quite interesting.  Late on Tuesday I started my trek up to Novi, Michigan for the International Women's Show.  I didn't have any idea what I was getting myself into.  Typically I ride to these shows with my brother.  Plans changed, so two days before the show my brother realized he was not going to make it up, which left me to drive up alone.  I had glanced at the weather radar and all the storms appeared to have passed.  I was wrong....very wrong.  First of all, had I been driving my little Corolla, I wouldn't have had a problem but I was behind the wheel of the West Chester Molester (a giant creepy van with which I share a birth year).

The West Chester Molester looks even worse in person.

I might as well have been driving this thing!

Of course this special vehicle had many little quirks.  I felt like I called my dad every 20 minutes to inform him of a "unique" aspect of the vehicle and each time he replied with "I forgot to mention that".  Luckily I had only been out on the road for an hour when he called to let me know that when the gas meter reached half a tank, it's time to stop for gas.  Otherwise, I would probably have run out of gas and ended up on the side of the road somewhere.

Anyway......I realized by the time I hit Findlay, I was not going to survive a drive through the night.  I was exhausted and couldn't even see any of the lines on the highway being as it was dark outside and pouring rain.  I was simply following the tail lights in front of me and praying they remained on the road so I wouldn't end up in a ditch.  I decided to pull off the road and sleep in a Walmart parking lot.  When I pulled into the Walmart, there were three police cars surrounding a vehicle.  I'm assuming it was a drug bust of some sort.

I proceeded to park and enter Walmart.  I headed straight for the family bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.....such a strange feeling.  After freshening up, it was time for me to buy a blanket and a wrench so I could prepare my bed.  I had to use the wrench to manually crank my seat into a 150 degree angle so I wouldn't have to sleep sitting up.  :-)  Good times.  I hadn't thought too strategically when choosing my parking space.  I parked in a spot directly between all the truckers that were sleeping in the parking lot and the entrance to the Walmart so a few times before I fell asleep, truckers walked right by my door which freaked me out a little until I remembered which vehicle I was sitting in.  No one in their right mind would have approached a vehicle like mine.

I made it the rest of the way early in the morning and got everything set up and ready to go for the show, with the help of Matt Phillips and Adrienne George, which I am so very thankful for!  Adrienne came in and saved the day since my brother couldn't make it and she blew everyone out of the water in sales, which is so exciting!  Our location at the International Women's Show was not a choice spot but we made it work.  We were right in front of the entertainment stage.

This is a photo of the aisle right in front of our booth during the firefighter striptease.  People were so packed into the aisle, you could hardly squeeze through.  Adrienne and I were shocked at the way these women acted, like they've never seen a man before.

Anyway, it was wonderful to spend some time with Matt and Adrienne.  Unfortunately there was not much opportunity for down time but it was still wonderful to see both of them.

Next stop on the show schedule, New Orleans....

At the same time all this "show" craziness is going on, we are working on our new line.

It is strange to see my face on the labels and I will be so happy when it is all completed.  I can't wait for life to slow down for a few minutes.  Things have been so hectic.  Soon I will have my hubby home and I will surely be taking a few days to enjoy his return.