Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 Months and a Baby Shower

Hudson is now 7 months old, and I can't believe it!  He is getting so big and he is very close to being able to get around quickly.  I want him to crawl because I love to witness his milestones but part of me wants him to wait until I finish this semester.  Studying for five classes is a little tricky with a baby that is not mobile.  I'm not sure how it will work when he is getting into everything.

Hudson's first tooth came in a few weeks ago, on the bottom.  I'm half expecting a tooth to come in on the top, caddy-corner from the first so he looks like a little jack o'lantern for Halloween.  James and I bought a Halloween costume for Hudson.  James wanted Hudson to be Dracula, so that is the plan.  I just realized as I was writing this paragraph that Hudson's lack of teeth may be problematic in respect to his costume.  He does however have the pointy Dracula hairline naturally.  He is just missing the dark hair.

The last "month" photo I posted of Hudson was 3 months.  Here are months four, five, and six.  I have yet to take his seven month photo.

Below: Hudson is proud of his Daddy and his new job.

Below: Hudson and his puppy.

Below:  The men of the house, napping.

Today my mother-in-law and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Emily.  It was so much fun to put it all together.  A lot of the decorations were Pinterest inspired.  I have so many photos and ideas pinned but it was exciting to put so many of them to use.  We went with a baseball theme to match the theme of Hayden's nursery.

Below:  HAYDEN"S STATS-I meant to get a photo of this after it was filled in with everyone's guesses.

We tried to stick mostly with the baseball theme, even with the food.  We had hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, and other baseball goodies.  We also had chicken salad on pretzel buns and a chocolate fountain, neither of which were ready when I had the camera out.

Painting these pumpkins proved to be a bit more difficult than expected, but I think it added a nice touch of fall.

Even though the theme was "baseball", we had to represent the Reds in a few ways.

More painted pumpkins!

Hudson just fell asleep, so that is my cue to study for my Financial Accounting test.  Ta-ta for now!