Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time Slows Down and Memories Fade

These past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for me.  It seems that since there are only four weeks until I see James again, time has almost come to a halt.  I had not seen his face since Christmas, which was killing me.  Luckily I got a chance to Skype with him on Easter when I was with his whole side of the family.  He got a chance to see his second cousin who has grown so much since James has been gone.  My heart broke when I saw his expression of excitement and longing all at the same time.  He was so happy to see everyone but at the same time we were all reminded that he is over 7000 miles away.

Second Cousin, Jayce

It's amazing how quickly memories fade.  The first few months after James left I could still feel him beside me.  It is so difficult to hear his voice and not be able to fully picture the expression on his face with every word he says.  You would think that after nine years of life with James, his expressions would be engraved in my mind, but the simple fact is, that's just not true.  Memories fade.  I'm so excited to be able to say that in less than a month I will be able to hold him in my arms again, and refresh my mind on these little details.

It has been really difficult at times but I am so thankful that we are actually able to talk on the phone for a few minutes most mornings.  Even though I have only been able to Skype with James a handful of times over the past five months, I am blessed that I even had the opportunity.  When I think about situations other people are going through, it really puts everything into perspective.  I have nothing to complain about.  In just three or four short weeks James will be back!  :-)  I have a wonderful life with my amazing husband, our two cats (Smokie and Bandit), and our newest addition to the family, Achilles!    

 James with Smokie and The Bandit- He would kill me if he knew I put this up here.  hehehe.
He doesn't like how the camera lens distorted his head. 

 Bandit (the murderer)

 Smokie (the sweet one)

Achilles (my cuddle bug)

James sent me an email last week in which he had talked about several dogs he saw on an animal shelter website by our house.  He does this occasionally but this time I decided to go check them out.  Long story short, I managed to find something wrong with each of the dogs he had chosen, except for Achilles (previously named Brad Pitt).  I tried to find a reason to not take him but he was just too adorable.  We adopted him a week ago and he has done nothing but snuggle!  Now I just need to figure out how to make Achilles and our cats love each other...

In the past 3 months I have had shows in Cleveland, Gatlinburg, Indianapolis, and Nashville.  This time last year I never would have thought I would be travelling this much for work.  These trips have been both exciting and extremely agitating at times.  I've learned that travelling for work is not something I want to be doing for a long period of time.  Luckily my brother has come on all of the same trips.  Jon and a few others have helped me maintain my sanity along the way.  :-)

Between all of this travelling, I am still managing to squeeze in one class at UC.  Slowly but surely, I will get done, even if it does take me 16 years. 

Several other exciting events have occurred over the past few months as well.  

Elise and Ryan Hayes welcomed a baby boy into their lives on January 27th, 2012.

Shannon and Kyle Phillips got married on March 30th.

News spread that Nick and Adrienne are having a little one of their own!! So excited for them!

Since I was young I've always looked forward to being 25.  I'm not really sure why....I guess I've just always felt like it is going to be a great year for me.  I guess we will have to see how it plays out but I started my 25th year of life off right with an evening out with many of my favorite people! 

Minda, Mandy, Me

Kyle and Jess

 Maira, Minda, Mandy, Me, Kyle, Joe, Drew, Chris, Jon, Sean
(looks like I need to color my hair brown....I don't seem to fit in)  :-)

Me, Maira, Dad, Joe, Jon

My cousin Kyle married his stunning bride, Jess.  The wedding was beautiful and it was great to spend time with many of my family members whom I only get to see about once a year.

This has surely been an eventful couple of months.  I'm curious to see what the rest of the year will bring and I am sooo excited to be able to spend the last half of the year with James!  Come on May!!!