Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goodbye August

I thought 2005 was going to be the last year James and I would experience a "first day of school" together.  That thought was incorrect because on August 26th, Hudson watched as James left to attend his first day of the Fire Academy and I went to UC for my first day as a full time student.  I have been seeing so many people post sweet pictures of their kids this week, as they are about to head off to their first day.  I couldn't help but imagine Hudson holding the camera and taking a picture of his parents on their first day of school.  Obviously not realistic but it brought a smile to my face.

As summer will soon end and we say goodbye to August, I smile thinking of all the good times and fellowship we have enjoyed with friends and family.  I can't wait to see the joys (babies and weddings in particular) that will come with fall and winter.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Budget Friendly, Beautiful August Weekend

James and I are trying to budget our money a little better since we are hoping to buy a house before baby Becker number two comes into the equation.  This rules out a lot of forms of weekend entertainment options but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time with some fabulous people!

On Friday night James and I found out that Allison was back in town so Whitney and Allison joined us and we went downtown in hopes of attending the Blues Fest.  The weather was absolutely perfect but by the time we had walked through downtown, had dinner at the Banks and walked to Sawyer Point, it was already past our bed time :-)  So instead we just listened to one of the bands as we watched all the boats gather on the river in preparation for the fireworks.  Then we headed back to the Banks where they have a play area for kids.  Water squirts up and they light the water with flashes of light in timed sequences.  We watched a family (mom, dad and toddler) come up the path to the fountains.  Their little boy escaped their grasp and made a beeline for the water.  We all cracked up as the innocent little boy got a surprise burst of water to the face.  He enjoyed it after the shock wore off.

I love Cincinnati!   

Hudson was sound asleep at this point.

On Saturday James, Hudson, Achilles and I went to Winton Woods with Max, Tara, Lil, Hatchi, Emily and Rosie.  Hayden was technically there too.  :-)  We were quite the sight as we strolled down the trail with two men, three women, two strollers, an American Bulldog, an Akita and a Pit Bull.  Afterwards we enjoyed Icee Floats, which were amazing!  Then we watched Lil and Hudson in this priceless encounter (shown below).

It began with a nice introduction...

A little friendly hand holding...

Lil gave Hudson some little kisses...

Hudson is now afraid of the ladies...they are a bit overwhelming.

Lil just wants to be friends...

Lil decides to give it another go but ends up with a mouth full of eyeball.

Nailed it.  So sweet.

On Saturday we spent a beautiful afternoon with James' family in Springfield.  Afterwards we went to Young's Jersey Dairy for some ice cream.

You don't know the power of the dark side.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Mullet

 Lately Hudson has been loosing a lot of his blondish-red newborn hair.  There will be no more mohawks in Hudson's immediate future.  Instead his head is filling with bright blond hair, with the exception of his mullet.  :-)  Since this is probably the only time in his life when a mullet will be socially acceptable, we are letting him enjoy it for the time being.

Hudson is more fascinated with his hands and feet as the days roll on.  His mouth has not met his feet yet but I have a feeling this will happen shortly.  We are still amazed how peaceful Hudson is most of the time.  Since the weather has been so nice lately, James and I have been playing tennis almost every day.  I thought that having a child meant the end of my "tennis time" but I have already played more this year than last.  Hudson doesn't mind coming along for the ride.  He gets fussy every once in a while but a lap around the tennis court tends to calm him down and sometimes even put him to sleep.  Yesterday one of our neighbors was juggling down by the tennis court.  He kept Hudson's attention for most of our tennis match.

Lately Hudson has been enjoying play dates with other babies.

We have gone to the park several times.

And Hudson found out he is going to have a little cousin named Hayden Amos!

Since Hudson joined the family, James and I have not had a date night without James' mini me.  :-)  We just haven't wanted to leave Hudson's side.  Instead we have been watching a lot of television.  James and I just finished watching the M.A.S.H. series, which we began in December of 2012.  I can't believe it's over.  All we have left are the special features.  :-(  I think M.A.S.H. may have been my favorite series I've ever seen.

I'm hoping that, since Hudson is a little older, James and I will be able to work time in for a date night before the end of summer!  And I don't really care where we go but I want to get dressed up and do my hair and makeup.  I have only styled my hair three times since Hudson came home.  It's been a pony tail every day for this girl.  Every day I go into my closet and choose an outfit that is "breastfeeding friendly".  So many outfits have been neglected over the past few months.  :-)  It's time to bring one back to life.  I think I will make date night happen!