Sunday, January 22, 2012

Precious Memories

I have contemplated starting a blog for a while now.  I mainly want to blog because I have a terrible memory and I don't want to forget all of life's precious moments.  

Up until this point I have captured the events of my life in journals and scrapbooks, two of my most prized worldly possessions.  A single photo can cause memories to flood back to my mind.  Opening my journal and reading a simple description of our afternoon walk in Paris can almost bring back the taste of crepes, the feeling of utter bliss as I stare into the eyes of the love of my life, the sound of two women having what sounds like a heated discussion in French just a few feet away.  It's amazing how just a few simple words can replenish memories that seemed ultimately lost and forgotten.

I've been asked the question many times "If your house were on fire and you could grab only three things, what would they be?"  First I would make sure my family is safe, including our two cats ("Smokie" and the "Bandit"). My other two things I would be sure to grab are definitely the scrapbooks and journals.  I have always had a deep fear of my house catching on fire because I am afraid that if I loose those two items, the memories are lost forever.  So I've been thinking, if I start a blog which contains both written memories and photos, this fear will not be lingering over me so heavily.

Thankfully I have a husband who is blessed with a wonderful memory and a gift with words (two things that are  absolutely not my strong suits).  Even though he has the ability to refresh my memory, I still like to keep a detailed description of moments that I want to remember and cherish.  No one can remember every single detail.

My little sister, Maira, is seven years old now.  There are so many hilarious things she has said over the years that I thought I would never be able to forget because they were so precious.  Lesson learned, write everything down.  I recorded very few of these responses over the years and I highly regret it.  As James and I are nearing the time to expand our family, I really want to make a habit of chronicling our lives.

After years of debating joining the world of blogging, I'm in!    

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