Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So...I'm not going to be pregnant forever?

Technically today I am 30 weeks, 4 days pregnant.  I can't believe that Hudson could potentially be here in less than 10 weeks.  This past week we got to welcome Lillian Ellerbe into the world.  I felt like Tara and I were both going to be pregnant forever so seeing Lily's sweet face was a reality check that Tara in fact is not going to be pregnant forever and I'm next!

We took these photos on Sunday at Dave and Busters.  Thinking that James was going to be leaving tomorrow for his six weeks of training (we found out Thursday), I wanted to get a few photos of us together while I'm still pregnant.  He was due back three weeks before I was due but I didn't want to take any chances, so Emily (who seems to have become our personal photographer) volunteered to make this happen. Thank you Emily!

Unfortunately we got a call this morning saying that plans have changed and James can not leave for a few months.  I'm just hoping that he is at least able to stay in Cincinnati the first four to six weeks after delivery.  I don't know what I'm going to do without James for those weeks.  Clearly people deal with this all the time and I am blessed to have a lot of local friends and family so I am trying to remain as optimistic as possible.

I just need to remember that it is all in God's hands.  As soon as you think you have life figured out, he will throw you a curve ball!  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

29 Weeks, 2 Days and a 4D Ultrasound!

On Thursday James and I, along with nine of our family and friends, went to get a 4D Ultrasound of Hudson at Becoming Mom in Mason.  James purchased this as part of a "Spoiled Mama" package for Christmas.  I also get a massage and hot stone pedicure at some point.  Both of which I can't wait for!  So anyway, we all packed into the room on Thursday evening.  It was so amazing to see his little body.  He had his little legs crossed and he was in the most uncomfortable looking position.  He refused to give us a good face shot.  Hudson held onto his umbilical cord right in front of his face the whole time.  Whenever he would start to slowly move his hand down, he would throw it right back in front of his face.  He did give us the thumbs up at some point though, which you can see in the second photo.  Since we were not able to get a good shot of his face throughout the entire ultrasound, the staff at Becoming Mom allowed us to come back today to try again at no additional cost!

Today James and I went alone.  Hudson still kept his hands around his face most of the ultrasound but he was nice enough to pull them away a few times so we could catch a glimpse of his precious little face.  The ultrasound tech was kind enough to remind us that we have a fat baby.  :-)  She kept talking about his pudgy cheeks.  I'm still just praying that if Hudson ends up being a 10 pounder, that he will at least help me out a little bit and come on time if not a few days early.  The ultrasound tech looked for hair but as I expected, she said he doesn't have much.  We got to see him open his mouth a few times to get a taste of the amniotic fluid.  Even after all these ultrasounds and feeling him kick, I still can't believe that James and I created this little guy!  

Perfect example of Hudson's chunky cheeks :-)

Thumbs Up!

So sweet!  I can't wait to stare at that little face for hours.

I love his little elbow resting on his knee.

This is the best face shot he gave us the first day.