Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break

We found out a few weeks ago that James will be starting Officer Candidate School on March 22, so he will be heading down there just a few days before Hudson's and my birthday.  He will be the first graduating class to have 8 weeks of training rather than the typical 6 weeks.  When he left last time it was difficult since Hudson was only 6 weeks old but Hudson wasn't really aware that James was gone which made it a little easier.  This time Hudson is going to be well aware of the fact that his Papa is going away.  Thank God for Skype!  All we need now is a new laptop (we bought one for James right before his last deployment but someone stepped on it a few weeks later and broke the screen).  I can't imagine how hard it will be for James to not be able to hold Hudson in his arms for such a long period of time.

On a positive note, I'm on Spring Break and I will finish another semester of school in about a month.  At the rate I'm going now I could finish by the time I'm in my early 30's rather than my mid 40's.  :-)  Some people become specialized doctors in the time it will take me to get my degree, but I will get there.  I may give birth to all of our children in the process but I will get there.
As always we have been very busy the past few months.  I can't believe Spring is almost here.  Within the next month Hudson, James and I will all celebrate our birthdays.  We are a house full of Aries.  I do not pay attention to all the astrology stuff but I do think it's funny that all three of us fall into the Aries category.

I need to catch up on some photos.  It seems so long ago since we saw these beautiful, colorful leaves on the grass in front of our condo.  It has been covered in snow for far too long. 

Hudson at 7 months.
This year we celebrated Hudson's and Hayden's (Hudson's cousin) first Christmas.  It turned out to be pretty quiet but I have a feeling in the years to come it will only get louder and louder as the three boys get into more trouble, led by Hayden of course.  :-)

Yes, I put him in an elf costume.  :)
Christmas at the Cromer's.
James, Hudson, Jayce, Hayden, Autumn

Hudson, Jayce, Hayden

Hudson, Jayce, Hayden

Hudson, James, Jayce
Christmas at the Reser's.

Grandma helping Hudson open presents.

"Melissa & Doug" make the cutest toys!

Making funny faces with Grandma.

He's ready for an old time photo.
8 months

Christmas lights!

We decided to make it a tradition for James and Hudson to put the star on the tree on Christmas Eve.

Trip to the Festival of Lights with some friends who we don't see often enough.

Snuggled in his City Select.
You can tell he was having a great time.  :-)

Hudson and Hayden decked out in Bengals gear.

Wonderful fathers, Nathan and James.

Being naked is awesome!

Hudson practices his chords while I study for my Economics test.

9 Months!

James has completed his training for the Cincinnati Fire Department as part of Recruit Class 112.  He has been working for several weeks now and he seems to love every minute of it.  He is already coming home with crazy stories almost every day.  I'm sure this is only the beginning.  I am so proud of him and happy that he found a profession he really enjoys.

Recruit Class 112 - James is in the front row, seven from the right.

James was assigned to Engine 29.

Hudson and I at James' graduation ceremony.

This was James' fifth graduation (I have attended four)

10 Months, he's getting so big.

The Perry's Wedding Reception

The gym shoes were James' idea.

Celebrating with Whitney and Rob.

All the cool people bring their own sippy cups to weddings.  :-)

A dance with the beautiful bride, Whitney.  We wish they lived closer.