Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4 Months

Lately I have been writing my blog in the moments during the day when Hudson falls asleep.  It has sometimes taken me days for one entry.  Tonight I am not able to sleep due to a tooth ache, so what better time to blog.  However, this will be a short entry since I am having trouble getting past the pain.

Hudson is four months old today.  James and I comment often that we think he is getting more and more adorable with each day that passes.  I don't know if this is true or if we are just falling more in love with him. 

We took Hudson to another Red's game.  Game two was a whole different ball game!  He slept through a majority of his first game but he was able to observe most of his second.  While we sat right outside the ballpark to feed Hudson, we met a family with six little boys under that age of ten.  The youngest was only weeks old.  All of the little boys were blonde.  We joked that this could be us in nine years.  ;-)  

Below: He still loves to sit in the Moby Wrap while I clean the house!

A few weeks ago, Hudson, my mom and I drove up to the Lansing area for my Uncle Matt's wedding.  I purchased this hat for Hudson to wear to the wedding.  After a long engagement that must have set a record, my Uncle Matt married his beautiful wife, Barb.  They had a wonderful outdoor wedding!  The weather was perfect.  They were married in their backyard and had the reception in their yard as well, followed by a bonfire with s'mores.

Below: This was taken at the hotel pool.  Hudson didn't seem to know what to do with the warm water in the pool.  Ours at home was still pretty cool at this time in the summer.

My date, the baby mobster!

Above: Uncle Matt and Aunt Barb
Below: My brothers, Joe and Jon

Below: Me and my mama.

Below: Hudson's 3 month photo

Below: Siblings at the bonfire.

Hudson just woke up.  Of course tonight was the night that he set a record of 6 hours, 27 minutes of sleep.  I will pray that this is the start of something beautiful!  :-)