Monday, November 19, 2012

More than Halfway to Holding Hudson

It has been a long time since I have made a normal post.  My last post announced that James and I are expecting.  I am now 22 weeks, 3 days into the pregnancy.  We have had a very exciting, busy, joyous, and sometimes stressful few months.  As I'm typing, little Becker is moving around relentlessly, which I love!

At 13 weeks I had a little scare.  I decided to call the doctor and they got me in a few hours later.  After discussing all the possible issues (which was terrifying), the doctor did an exam and the next thing I knew, I was in the ultrasound room.  Everything turned out fine.  I was so excited to have a chance to see the baby but I wish James could have been there with me.  Luckily the woman who did the ultrasound gave me six photos to share with him...and everyone else of course!  During the entire ultrasound Baby Becker did not stop moving.  It looked like he was swimming around in there the whole time.  You can see in this first photo he/she had his/her legs scrunched up and in the second one, his/her legs were straight out.

We had another ultrasound at 18 weeks and found out that we were having a little boy!  Since then James and I try to imagine what life is going to be like having a son of our own running around this world.  Having several friends with little ones of their own, makes fathoming James and me with a son a little easier.

There has been more and more talk lately about the fact that our baby is most likely going to be mammoth sized which terrifies me a little.  I was considered a large baby but James fell into the 10+ pounds category.  When I went to one of my appointments, I voiced my concerns to the doctor about my possible "giant baby".  She said, "You are small so you will most likely have small babies."  Next I told her how much James and I weighed.  She stared at me for a few seconds, then said, "You are most likely going to have a large baby."  No false reassurance from her.  At least she is honest. :-)   Amazingly, she didn't seem at all shocked when in the next breath I told her I plan to have a natural birth.

James and I have started Bradley Method Classes.  I am well aware of the fact that I am most likely going to have a large baby and I know that the only chance I have in a natural birth is if I feel comfortable with the process, learn exactly what my body needs, and know that I have James there to be my support through the whole journey.  Whatever happens, it's in God's hands.

I had a little "episode" at work last week.  I had hot flashes, lower abdominal cramping, and blurred vision.  Then all of a sudden I blacked out and lost my hearing.  I sat down on the ground and in a little over 5 minutes, it was all over.  I was well hydrated and full of food, so I knew that wasn't the issue.  The doctor told me I should go in to see him.  He told me that most of what happened can be somewhat normal in a pregnancy.  However, he was a little thrown off by the hearing loss.  He told me that if it happened again I needed to see a Neurologist for testing.  Apparently pregnancy can cause issues to a mothers nervous system.

I was at work today and felt the same thing coming on, only this time Whitney was kind enough to pick me up and take me to the doctor (I didn't want to chance losing my sight and hearing while I was driving).  By the time we made it to the hospital, the "episode" had come to an end and everything felt normal again.  I am in the process of trying to get in to see a neurologist to get the testing but in the meantime we are praying that everything is fine.  Of course the baby is most important and he was perfectly fine in the ultrasound.  He has a strong heart beat and continues to move around what seems like all hours of the day, which is wonderful!
God is in control.