Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Becker Baby is Coming Soon!!!

James and I went to Clearwater Beach, Florida in the beginning of July with Emily and Nathan (my sister in law and her husband).  

While James and I were in Clearwater, we discovered that there will be a Becker baby coming into the world!  There is both a bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement associated with this news.  Even though this is a terrifying time in our lives to think about the expenses of having a baby, it's God's time and that is all that matters.  For the past five years James and I have talked a lot about the possibility of having children.  It's so strange that the time has finally arrived!  We are both extremely excited!

Yesterday was my first prenatal appointment.  James was not able to make it to the appointment so Emily (my amazing sister in law) came with me.  Everyone had told me not to get too excited about the first appointment because all they would be doing is taking blood samples, other tests, and have a ton of paperwork for me to fill out.  After keeping myself from getting too terribly excited about the appointment all day long, it was finally time.

The doctor went through all the routine questions and answers.  When he told me we would schedule my first ultrasound appointment for three weeks from now, I resigned to the fact that I would not have a chance to hear baby B's heartbeat until the next appointment.  I decided to clarify by saying, "So at 12 weeks I will be able to hear the heartbeat?"  I wanted to cry as I was saying this because even though I had been told by everyone that there was a slim chance I would get to hear the heartbeat at the first appointment, I was secretly holding out hope.  I was surprised to hear him respond with, "I think we may be able to do that today"!  I think I pulled a muscle in my cheeks because I have never smiled that hard!

The doctor started doing the doppler ultrasound as he reminded me that we may not be able to find the heartbeat because it is so soon.  It took the doctor about 30 seconds to find.  I know most women tend to cry when they hear their babies heartbeat for the first time and I probably would have if James had been there but instead I looked over and saw Emily with a huge grin on her face and that's all that I could do was smile.

The previous week I had worked 91 hours in a 7 days period and heard story after terrifying story from women about their past experiences in the beginning of pregnancy.  It was such a relief to know that Baby B. was okay and had a strong heartbeat.

We are due March 22, 2013.  More on the vacation and Baby B. later...time for a nap!

Emily and I found this little outfit at a surf store near the beach.